Home Financing

We finance and insure our products in cooperation within Raiffeisen Leasing.

Our offer is addressed to all ambitious entrepreneurs, regardless of conducted business and area. We will help you to finance your investment quickly and easily without a necessity of investing your own resources.

  • unlimited maximum transaction value
  • operating lease, financial lease, sale and leaseback and investment loan
  • lease duration – from 24 to 72 months or starting from 6 months in case of a financial lease
  • possibility of financing even up to 90% of total value of the item
  • financing machines and devices purchased abroad
  • possibility of making use of additional EU programs (EIB, CIP, RSI)
  • quick financing process – only application form and statement is required
  • flexible contract conditions – possibility of negotiations
  • payments individually customised to a particular client
  • high quality of customer service – we provide every client with an individual Client's Account Manager


The most profitable form of financing:
  • initial payment starting from 10%
  • lease duration – from 24 to 72 months or starting from 6 months in case of financial lease
  • unlimited maximum transaction value
  • operating, financial lease, sale and leaseback and investment loan
  • financing in PLN, EUR
  • payment options: equal, seasonal, descending
  • final value depends on contract duration
  • possibility of negotiating individual conditions
Insurance – attractive offer within a full range

Comprehensive, attractive offer including additional insurance products:

  • possibility of utilizing special insurance conditions
  • HILIFE - installment payment insurance in case of death or permanent disability


Main lease advantages in relation to loan:
  • quick and easy access to financing – requirements towards the customer is usually less strict in case of a lease than a loan
  • lease does not burden creditworthiness and does not result in any increase of customer’s liabilities
  • lower costs related to no additional protections required
  • possibility of establishing flexible contract duration and payment structure
  • optimization of tax benefits
  • lower price of investment goods due to vendor programs and rebates negotiated by the financing party (lease provider)
  • quick lease decision and short term of waiting for the object of lease in relation to long procedures of advancing a loan
  • in case of any problems with paying installments, customer can transfer rights and duties to other party
  • financing party is responsible for registering and insuring the vehicle

Lease types

Operational lease

Operational lease is a lease in which depreciation of leased object is made in lease provider’s registers. All lease payments are tax deductible expenses for a lessee and VAT is paid together with each installment.


  • better financial liquidity
  • financing up to 100% of fixed asset
  • lower cost of capital (considering tax benefits)
  • lease payments constitute tax deductible expenses, therefore decreasing a taxable amount
  • lease payments suited to customer’s budgetary assumptions
  • possibilities of controlling fixed assets by lessee by prolonging or signing a new contract
Financial lease

Financial lease ensures flexibility in establishing contract duration and final value of leased object. Leased object is considered as customer’s property. Tax deductible expenses are capital allowances and capital installment interest.


  • tax – depreciation and interest (as tax deductible expenses)
  • lessee becomes an owner of the fixed asset worth a purchase price settled in the lease contract and in force until the end of lease period
  • financing source for short- and long-term investments
  • financing up to 100% of fixed asset
  • better financial liquidity
  • lease installments suited to customer’s budgetary assumptions
Sale and leaseback

Owner of the equipment sells it to a lease company therefore acquiring liquied assets for other purposes, and then takes on a lease which enables customers to use the equipment. As a result of such operation, there is no necessity of transporting the equipment to the customer.


  • capital release
  • possibility of decreasing tax liabilities
  • possibility of transferring expected losses on future tax periods
  • index increase, i.e. return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE)
  • additional financing source of lowered cost due to tax benefits

Selected items included in our offer: