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Battery-electric - Trailers

We manufacture the following types of trailers as an additional equipment of a battery-electric truck or tractor:

  1. platform trailers
    • with a platform
    • with metal sides
    • with metal sides and tarpaulin
    • with front/rear wall made of metal net
  2. for transportation of long-loads

All platform trailers are capable of transporting various types of materials weighing up to 2 tons. They are 4-wheel trailers with pneumatic tires, springless or equipped with four leaf springs. They are equipped with road lighting and overrunning brake on front wheels. Due to good maneuverability, small dimensions and possibility of towing many trailers simultaneously, they can be used in storehouses, railway industry, airports, seaports, hospitals and postal transportation. Solid and operative vehicle with great characteristics. Ideal for constant agricultural works in halls and outside. Compact dimensions enable small turning diameter and reliable work in narrow and cramped places. Diversity of additional equipment enables meeting expectations of any client.