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Exchangeable system

Following our clients’ expectations, FML upgraded the concrete mixer – dump truck exchangeable system.

This system constitutes a comprehensive solution for mines, gravel pits and plants producing prefabricated concrete elements.

A client has two exchangeable bodyworks, concrete mixer of selected capacity and a dump truck (rear, three-side, two-side, etc.).

Concrete mixer and dump truck are specified strictly in accordance with client’s needs and expectations while maintaining parameters enabling installation of bodywork and reliable functioning.

FML offers its clients professional consultancy and help in selecting appropriate solutions and chassis configuration.

Fast exchange system

The system is a special set designed for exchangeable usage of various types of bodyworks which can be mounted on truck chassis.

The system includes the following main elements:
  • Intermediate frame permanently with a chassis.
  • Set of side and internal fasteners for fixing and securing exchangeable bodywork.
  • Vertical hydraulic actuators for lifting bodyworks.
  • Securing elements of bodywork on intermediate frame.
  • Panel with inputs for quick release couplings (electric, hydraulic and pneumatic in accordance with a type of bodywork).
  • Whole system control.
  • Hydraulic system with oil tank and pump with capacity suited to bodywork requirements with consideration to transmission.
  • Supporting legs with capacity of 12 tons for each exchanged bodywork.
Description of the system:

Bodywork is changed within 10 to 14 minutes and this operation is done by one person (vehicle driver). Operator releases additional mechanical protections and secures quick release couplings located on a panel. This operation releases internal and external securing elements locking the bodywork. Next, the bodywork is lifted vertically on a chassis by vertical hydraulic actuators fixed with conical terminals in sockets made on the bodywork. Then, supporting legs are manually inserted into sockets in bodywork (four or six according to bodywork length and weight). The bodywork is withdrawn after vertical actuators are lowered and chassis can drive away.

After driving a chassis under the second bodywork supported on legs and performing the aforementioned procedure in reverse order, the exchange process is finished.


Scope of adaptation works executed at exchangeable bodyworks:
  • Execution and location of sockets for vertical actuators.
  • Execution of external and internal fasteners locking the bodywork on a frame.
  • Execution of fasteners for horizontal shift bed.
  • System main frame in a color of chassis.
  • Installing quick release couplings in all bodywork systems adapted for connecting on a panel.
Conditions to be met by the chassis:
  • Chassis equipped with power take-off with appropriate PTO output.
  • Activation of PTO from driver’s cab.
  • Wheel base adjusted to sizes of exchangeable bodyworks which the chassis will operate with.