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FML cooperates with all chassis manufacturers within the range of installing concrete mixers on vehicles. Due to this we offer special prices of chassis (preferential) which we dispose of as a company installing bodyworks. Our construction department specifies chassis under concrete mixers in order to make it optimal and appropriately suited to a particular bodywork capacity. After ordering a complete FML vehicle the customer will receive not only professional consultancy and best price but most importantly, comprehensive execution of an order in one place.

Your time is valuable for us, and therefore FML offers comprehensive solutions including financing, technical assistance and help from our consultants

The essential elements of construction works are appropriate pace, execution method and nature requiring using many machines and devices which influence a course and quality of these works. Extremely essential for us is information concerning current tendencies in transportation of ready-mixed concrete to and within the construction site. Selection of concrete transportation equipment often has a great influence on a success connected with successful accomplishment of such operations.

Concrete mixer is the answer to constantly growing market expectations. It is a leading product of Machinery Factory in Leżajsk, the only manufacturer of vehicle concrete mixers in Poland. “FML” series was created as a modern and functional product meeting constantly growing clients' expectations and demand for higher efficiency. Concrete mixer is driven by power take off from the vehicle engine (FML043 – FML123 series). Latest solutions of hydraulic drive, high functionality, safety and quality make this product an ideal solution for every construction site.
Agitators of FML concrete mixers are characterized with the capacity from 4 to 12 m3. Concrete mixer drive system includes hydraulic installation with oil cooler constructed with the use of subassemblies made by ZF and Rexorth. Hydraulic pump driven by power take off from vehicle engine transmits pressure to the hydraulic engine driving a transmission which in turn rotates the mixing drum. Mixer can operate with drum rotating speed within a range of 0 – 14 rpm.

Body of the concrete mixer is based on appropriately designed supporting frame affixed to a chassis frame with the use of fixing plates. Concrete mixer is equipped with 400 or 600 liter water tank enabling to maintain it clean. Pressure inside the tank is generated by air supplied over the water surface by the pneumatic chassis system. Pressurized water is transferred to the installation ended up with a hose with appropriate terminal enabling a proper operation during and after the unloading process. Agitator, hopper and chutes have to be thoroughly rinsed in order to prevent from collecting deposits or residues of concrete mixtures. Capacity of the water tank makes high construction autonomy since not always and not on every construction site there is an access to an appropriate amount of running water. Agitator and other elements are made of high-strength steel.

Concrete mixture is unloaded onto a chute rotated horizontally by 180 degrees and adjusted vertically by approximately 30 degrees. Electronic control of the vehicle engine resulted in application of the electrical rotating speed controller closed in water proof box in rear part of the construction.

Model FML-113
Drive PTO
Required PTO power [Nm] 850
Number of chassis axes 4
Total weight without load [kg] 4850
Frame length [mm] 6500
Overall length [mm] 7600
Height to funnel [mm] 2660
Maximum width [mm] 2550
Centre of gravity [mm] 2850

Attention: Producer reserves rights for changes of construction and connected with this technical data.