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Steel structures

FML also renders services concerning manufacturing welded steel structures and machining. Machining covers a full range of services related to processing metals on universal machining tools such as, milling machines, lathes, grinders, slotters, broaching machines and balancers. Our plastic working services include: cutting, die shearing, press forming, redrawing, bending pipes and profiles. These services are rendered on hydraulic and eccentric presses with a thrust from 30T to 100T.

We offer services concerning welding, gas and plasmatic firing. FML disposes of technological possibilities in terms of rust proofing of steel structures by grounding after previous blast cleaning.

Moreover, technical possibilities enable:
  • welding steel structures with length of 12 meters and weight of 5 tones
  • cutting metal sheets with the use of 13 mm scissors and length of 2 000 mm
  • plasmatic and gas cutting of metal sheets of thickness up to 100 mm and sheet dimensions of 1500x3000mm
  • bending metal sheets of thickness up to 10mm and length of 2000mm on 100T and 315T bending brakes
  • die shearing and press forming details on eccentric presses with a thrust of up to 100T and 250T hydraulic presses

FML also disposes of special machine tools for making elements of Cardan shafts, such as lathes, tracing machines, hobbing machines, spline grinders, centre hole grinders, broaching machines, balancing machines.